Monday, February 22, 2010

Pre-Order E FOR EVERYONE Now! Descrptions Of 3 songs! Special EMERALD CITY COMIC CON Special Guest Performer Announcement!

Bonjour Krackleheads! Today over at we now have E FOR EVERYONE available for pre-order for our March 9th release. If you pre-order now for $10 you'll be able to be one of the first to receive E4E the beginning of that week! Pass the word...

As we stated last week, we wanted to start unveiling the songs subject matter on the album today and let fans know what we concocted on this second helping of nerd rock. Obviously, you need to make sure that an album being described as full of comic book/video game homages isn't filled with laments of easy-bake oven malfunctions and Midget lust right? Sorry, dwarves. Here's the first course...


We're obsessed with the game FALLOUT 3. It's obsessed with us. How do we know? Well it seemed for days, and weeks, and months in a row whenever we had down time after traveling to conventions and writing/recording it called to us like the ring of Sauron. Most of the time it made us turn the lights down low, the volume up high, and open a Victory Brewing Company "Storm King Stout" to devour while blasting mutants with our mighty shotgun. Yep, that game tastes like that beer till the day we die. Anyone relate? It was a no-brainer that we needed to write a song professing our love for the hours of enjoyment the game has given us and we did just that. In fact, it was the first song written of the new batch and we love it. The chorus speaks of "In a world gone mad I gotta believe, I gotta believe it's getting better" relating to the experience of leaving the safety of Vault 101 in the game, and also relating to how we choos,e to deal with stress in this life. Hope and belief reign above all in the human spirit and for a game and song whose lyrics have Raiders, an atom bomb, and a hard working Pip-Boy scattered throughout, we find it's no exception.

"Vault 101! Vault 101! I've seen the lights, I've seen the lights of Megaton"...


Our song about and from the perspective of an overworked, overly committed Wolverine. (See last week's post for description).


Ok, hands raised for who DOESN'T want to be a super hero?! Yeah we thought so, and guy in the back with the hand up put it down cause the Old Spice ain't working. Now that that's done, SECRET IDENTITY is a weezer-esque light-hearted but heavy in spirit declaration from a guy who's more than any of us working for the weekend. Why? Well, when he's done buying tile at Target and after tucking his kids into bed he's a vigilante jumping rooftops and trying not to die in the process. Inspired by The Incredibles, Millar's "Kick Ass", and our own overwhelming urge to roam the streets delivering the KK brand of justice; SECRET IDENTITY hopes to speak to the inner crime fighter in all of us. Worth getting shot and the embarrassment of having your friends bail you out in a bright yellow costume? TOTALLY.

"Secret Identity, and nobody knows but me...patrolling the city ears to the ground..."


Started and mapped out to the surrounding passengers dismay on a the tarmac leaving Fan Expo in Toronto last year, ROLL OVER is the sister song to last year's "Marvelous Girls". First we gotta back up a bit...
A few years ago, there was a period of about six months where many of the big rap hits on the charts had something to do with a nursery rhyme as the hook in the chorus (A la Jay-Z's "Hardknock Life"). During this time of public domain inspired catchy hookery, Kyle swore up and down that someone soon would do a song using the childrens song "Roll Over" and instead of the lyric being "10 in the bed and the little one said "Roll Over! Roll Over!"...", it would be "10 in the bed and the Asian one said..." or "10 in the bed and they white girl said...", and etc. The play on the famous nursery rhyme seemed an obvious declaration of a rap artist's always important to describe sexual-prowess and he was shocked when no one snatched the idea up that seemed to hang so freely in the ether. Fast forward to last summer 2009 when we started writing E4E and the idea came up again only this time we instead of "white girls/asian girls" we were inspired to write about "Fraggle girls/Thudercat girls/Amazon girls". Also, no pressure was felt of convincing others of our sexual prowess, mostly cause we're horrible. Not impressive. Basically, the Cuckoo girls gave us six-thumbs down.
The song layered with 808's and Dr. Dre-esque production hopes to leave you with the feeling that you've just spent the night with 10 cartoon girls at the bar at the end of the world. The song also marks the first time we've ever had a rap artist spit 12-bars on tape for us before. We turned to GMK THE GREAT our boy L.A. who was kind enough to take time out of his schedule and let us fly him up to lay down one of the sickest odes to cartoon girls we've ever heard. Yes, we've memorized the rap. No, you don't want to hear us do it...

"Final call came, there were shots all around with the Gummi Bear juice and the Getafix potion...feeling all right we broke into the night, Dagger had an in on transportation..."

Next week we'll have the next 3 songs off of E FOR EVERYONE ready for you, but before we go we have a special announcement we'd like to share...

On Sunday March 14th at 2:00pm, we'll be performing at EMERALD CITY COMIC con for the E For Everyone official CD Release show. Today, we're very happy to announce that as a special guest at ECCC this year, Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief and friend Joe Quesada will be joining KK on stage LIVE on guitar blasting through songs with us from our new and previous album! We're psyched, he's psyched, and we're excited to see what happens when the worlds of Marvel and nerd-rock meet in a swirling mess of distortion and 3-part harmonies. It will be epic to say the least...see you there!