Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emerald City Recap! Show Announcements! New Videos....and the winner of the "Name Yourselves" contest!

Whoa! So much to talk about! First off, THANK YOU Seattle fans for making ECCC the best con for KK and the most fun we've had in a while! Having had great out of town con trips promoting the new debut album we had hoped that the Seattle fans would come out and say hello and you thanks so much. :)

We've posted a new video (and will post more) from the show as it made the debut of the KK live band. KK is Kyle and Jim, but it takes more than the two of us to make the full KK sound and that's where Kyle's solo bandmates stepped up and have become the touring band. Nelson Estes pounded the drums during "One Of The Guys" and Kent Harris kept the low-end locked down in "Villain Song" to a warm and excited crowd on Sunday afternoon! It was great to see everyone come out and support or first full local show, and speaking of shows we just posted many new appearances for KK in your area!

On April 17th we return to NYC to perform at JIM HANDLEY'S COMIC UNIVERSE and on Saturday the 18th we rock at COMIC BOOK JONES on Staten Island. We're really excited to make the flight back to the east coast to play for our fans and we hope to see you at the shows!

As for local shows, we'll be playing at Seattle's UNIVERSITY STREET FAIR on May 17th. Playing outside will never have been so geeky, and a few nights later at TOST in the Fremont area on the 19th! Both full band, both Superhero Rock Good Times!

As for the "Name Yourselves!" contest, we know we've been a week overdue for the announcement (ECCC kicked our butts) but no more excuses cause we have a winner!


With the offering of "KRACKLEHEADS" we announce John Petrick as the winnah! Congratulations John! What are going to do now? Get a signed CD and poster?! Oh yeah you knew that...Congrats sir!

See you in NYC and Staten Island in a week KRACKLEHEADS!


Kyle and Jim