Tuesday, February 16, 2010

E FOR EVERYONE Single Debut..."On And On"!

Good day Krackleheads! As promised last week, today we debut the color final cover from E FOR EVERYONE made to represent the spectrum by Justin Stewart on top of Jim Mahfood inks! We think it represents the album's energy, and please note the Green Lantern ring generated guitar Kyle is holding. Yeah, we really have one now. No, you can't borrow it!

The main reason we're posting today though is to announce our brand-spankin' new never heard before (except by our moms) single from E4E titled, "On and On"!

The song is a day-in-the-life of WOLVERINE, one of our favorite comics/characters of all time. We think a few of you like him too! We chose the song as the first to debut cause we feel it really represents E4E's vibe and since last summer when it was written have always felt super excited to share it with our fans. We love putting our take on what we feel may be a mindset of the characters we love and this song was no exception being the busy schedule that Wolvie keeps and how it may affect him in ways not previously thought. We hope you think it rocks as much as we do and make sure you turn it up in your cubicle, dorm room, or jail cell! If you feel like making claws out of foil today after listening we don't blame you. We got ours taken away in the studio though...
Lyrics viewable at the end of this post!

Band email

Finally, E4E has a release date! The second offering from KK will be released via our site on Tuesday, March 9th marking our 2010 covention debut that next weekend in Seattle at the EMERALD CITY COMIC CON (March 13th-14th). You'll be able to start pre-ordering the record via our site next week as well on Tuesday, February 23rd. That way, you'll be one of the first to receive it in the mail the week of the release.

Sound good? Hell yeah! Next week, we'll start debuting song titles and descriptions every week until the album drops on March 9th to get you in the know regarding what we've cooked up on this second KK helping! As always, THANK YOU for enjoying what we do and sharing it with friends who love music and comics alike. It's been a blast to make E4E and we hope you love it and our first offering "On And On" as much as we do...ROCK!

Snikty, Snikty,



A stack of lives / I hardly know / Look in my mind / A window pane blurry

These claws I have / Unmistakable / I always heal / But I never stop

I have no past / no sense of time / No safe place here / And no finish
I’ve put more loves / in to the ground / Than any man can say he’s
found / Here / And questioning everything inside / Has brought me now / To here
This is my life

// CHORUS // Monday comes / Fly to the Savage Land
Tuesday rooftop / Battles with a gang of Hand
On and on and on it goes / And on and on and on it goes
Until / Wednesday morn / Filled up with bullet wounds
Thursday night / Tearing up the Wrecking Crew
On and on and on it goes / And on and on and on it goes

Battles fought / They never stop
When Creed appears / It never goes sweetly
Sinister glares through his test vials
When Wilson speaks / I always go crazy
There’s no repast / No destiny
No time to waste / With this weight on me
From Madripoor / To New York State
I’ll never catch these ghosts I chase / Fear
And questioning everything in sight
Has brought me now / To here / This is my life

// CHORUS //

Until Friday night / the Elf and I get drinking
Talk and share stories from long ago
People forgotten / And things we can’t let go
The weekend passes like a blur
Xavier’s checking in / to see if I’m doing fine
And Sunday’s winding down

// CHORUS //

And on and on and on it goes.


Elwood said...

RAWK! *snikt*

titania86 said...

I love the new song! I can't wait for the new album!!! :)

Buyog said...

Awesome! Love the new song, guys. =D

Anonymous said...

I love this! I think you just sold me.

Myron Rumsey said...

Love the new stuff and ordered my copy tonight - can't wait to hear the rest of the cd.

I also can't wait to see KK on Rock Band!