Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Make A New Album Krackleheads!!!

What's up Krackleheads?!

It's been few months since we updated our blog which is inexcusable, but also maybe (maybe) understandable when you hear what we've been doing...

For the past 3 months, we have been hard at work in Kyle's ORANGE ROOM studios crafting the best follow-up to this year's self-titled album that we could make. We started with 20 songs, but only 11 made the writing cut to make up what will be the most rocking KK set of songs to date. This past year our debut album has taken us to many places from Calgary to New York, Toronto to Long Beach, and we've had amazing adventures along the way! More amazing that the travels have been meeting all of our fans from literally all over the world who have come up to us to say hi at the cons and concerts, and has been extremely humbling as something we never expected to come from this. Our goal from the start has been to make a band and albums that WE would like to listen to and freak out about, and we're so glad many of you do as well. YOU RULE THE HOUSE!

Though it's been a blast and play time to the extreme, we've had our heads down for months now crafting what we feel will the best follow-up we could make for fans of comics, fans of video games, fans of KK, and for us. Next week we'll be heading into the studio for an intense week and a half recording session filled with big guitars, thundering toms, and melt your face solos...won't you join us? :)

We'll be documenting the whole event via Twitter with videos and pictures all week long and the only place you can see it is by heading to www.twitter.com/kirbykrackle

We're psyched the session dates are finally here, and we hope to pour our love of all things superhuman, cell-shaded, and pixelated into this album to make 2010 even more amazing for us to all rock together with!

Love to all for a Happy New Year and a kick ass 2010,

Jim and Kyle