Tuesday, February 9, 2010

KIRBY KRACKLE Month Starts Now!

Greetings Krackleheads!

A month ago we posted that we were entering the studio to record our sophomore album, E FOR EVERYONE. We posted videos and pictures documenting the whole process with the hopes that fans of our music would feel a part of the making of the album because it was made for you, us, and everyone that loves comic/video game culture.

Well....IT'S DONE SON! Whoo hoo!

Yep, last week we dropped it off at the printers and then ate ourselves silly with an onslaught of BBQ and beer before noon. Classy! So what does that mean?

It means KIRBY KRACKLE month starts now!

This week we're debuting the black & white album art for E FOR EVERYONE and it was done by the visual badassery that is Jim Mahfood, the artist who did our debut album. We loved his work so much last time we requested his talents again and here it is! Next week we'll debut the full color version...

Next week be sure to check back as we post the first single from E on Tuesday February 16th. We'll also talk about all of the new songs in the following weeks ramping up to the soon to be announced March release date and how to pre-order!

Finally, we can start sharing what we've been keeping in the oven and can't wait for the labor pains! Can you?

Foregoing the epidural,


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titania86 said...

The art looks awesome! I can't wait for the new album! Congrats on finishing it.