Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WonderCon Wrap-Up!

First of all, let us say that it is commonly known throughout the land that the only way you can get away with a picture like the one below is if you are in a "comic-book rock band". It's as if if you don't have a picture like that...then something is wrong with you. ;)

We had a freaking blast at WonderCon! Taking what we learned worked (and didn't work) at NYCC, we had a better idea heading into the weekend and what it would take to learn the masses about "The World's First Comic Book Rock Band".

Specifically, we had 2 listening stations this time instead of one and answered many times questions about the hygienic state of our headphones. Kyle's mom was a house cleaner so you all do the math on that one. Yes they're clean! NO, you won't get earwhigs!

All the podcasts and blogs highlighting KK that have been released since NYCC also really helped a lot as many folks came up and knew who we were without our introduction. ROCK! Having hundreds of folks listening to your album right in front of you everyday gives you a little better idea of what folks like...and even after that there is really no rule! You think you know, but then an 85 year old woman decides to buy 3 albums based off of listening to "Zombie Apocalypse"....WHA?!?
In NYC, the popular songs were "One Of The Guys" and "Marvelous Girls". In San Francisco, "Up, Up, Down, Down" proved to be the winner and as usual the ladies love "Naked Wii". It will never cease being creepy asking a cute girl if they want to hear a song about "playing Wii naked". We learned that we need to enunciate a little better though as more than a few times the words were relayed to us as sounding "play weed naked". Oh man...

When we weren't living at the con we were meeting fun people and once again hanging with TOP COW man Filip Sablik and a new friend in the form of "THE DARKNESS" artist Michael Broussard. We all went out to a restaurant one night called "The Stinking Rose" which left us smelling like roses...if roses were garlic.

Later that night we met up for a Tiki Bar tour with the iFanboy guys and hung out with THE BOYS artist Darick Robertson, a great guy.

Most of the other nights were spent with good friends Kandrix and Laurie B. As mentioned in earlier posts, Laurie B. is an amazing artist that specializes in "pin-up" versions of your favorite heroes. Be careful when approaching her table as you might get a little flustered and potentially fall in love with her uber-sexy Zantanna and "Slave-Leia" depictions.

On the final night, we spent the evening palling around with the DC comics crew and made the mandatory stop at IN-AND-OUT burger as well as stopping in Mel's Diner for pie...for the 4TH NIGHT IN A ROW. Yeah, we love our late night sweets. Time to start working out again.

On the final day we saw that having friends in unique positions rules as we received backstage tours of both ILM and PIXAR. So cool to be in the hub of such adventurous creativity and to spend a day actually taking a look at San Francisco outside of our route to the con everyday. That's work though, right?

Our next stop will be EMERALD CITY COMIC CON, and we can't wait to share the cool news with what we have planned for that!

BTW, tomorrow is your last day to get your entry in for the "Name Yourselves!" contest! Read the previous link for details and send your ideas in!

Now you can find KK on Amazon! Click here to be taken directly...

Thanks for reading, listening, and for being all around hustlas!

Kyle and Jim,
Kirby Krackle

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Felix said...

Met you at wondercon. Bought a few albums. Great stuff! Such a fun convention!