Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hey KK fans, we decided it was time to put down our comics and guitars and start packing for WONDERCON this weekend in San Francisco!

WONDERCON will be our second con appearance and our first on the West Coast...WESTSIDE!!!

We'll be setting up shop and selling our self-titled debut for all 3 days of the con...2/27-3/1 so please come by and introduce yourself! :)

So, we've been emails from fans asking what they should call themselves as newly crowned fans of KK. That's normal, cause as you know even dogs need to know where they fit in the pack. Not calling anyone a dog...but...ok.

That said...IT'S CONTEST TIME!!!!

Booyah, that's right. This is a kind of "name yourselves" contest as we're putting the future of KK fans in the hands of, well...FANS! Are you called "Kirbys"? Are you called "Krackles"? Are you called "Krackheads"?!? That's Kyle's favorite, but he's not making the decisions...YOU are!

Winner gets a signed album and signed 11X17 poster from the band to hang in your office, above the fireplace, jail cell, etc...

Deadline for this event is gonna be MARCH 11th with the winner selected and announced the following week so get those ideas rolling. We're currently getting our merchandise up and going as well so who knows? Your idea could make it on a T-Shirt, Freeway tag...the options are really endless. :)

Looking forward to the entries and see you at WONDERCON in S.F.!

Jim and Kyle


Ubergeek said...

I am guessing we are submitting here....

Gimme a sec', I'm thinking....

Ubergeek said...

I will start with:

Krackle Attack!
Kirby Krew
Krackle Krew
F.F.O.K.K-ers (Friends and Fans of Kirbly Krackle)or FFOCKers
Krackle Addicts

wicked juan said...


Ubergeek said...

Well, how was it?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ubergeek said...

Krack Attack
Krackle League of America
The Minions of Krackle