Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Diego Comic Con or Bust! / "Ring Capacity" Live Video!

Hey Krackleheads, we're packing the bags for this week's trip to San Diego for our Comic Con debut! We're psyched, and especially thankful that we were able to join up on a existing bill on July 25th for a KK Comic Con acoustic set with Kyle. He'll be playing stripped down versions of the songs and telling some fun stories of how they came to be that Saturday night at THE RUBY ROOM in San Diego.

THE RUBY ROOM (21+ kids..., set time around 9:30PM)
1271 University Ave
(In Hillcrest)
$5 Cover

At the convention we'll be at booth #1803 so please come by and hi, talk comics, check out our new T-Shirts ($15), and get non-creepy hugs. Really, not creepy... :)

Enjoy the live video for "Ring Capacity" from last week's big show in Seattle at THE SHOWBOX! We had an absolute blast and were overwhelmed with the amount of Krackleheads who came out and shared our love for comics via song. Thanks for making it a great night everyone, and see you at SDCC!


Kyle and Jim

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Beth said...

Thanks for coming to SDCC, guys! We enjoyed meeting you, and can't wait to catch you live here in Seattle sometime.
Also, your song "Teabagging" has been stuck in my roommate's head for two days now, which is just so much fun for me, so thanks for having catchy tunes. :)