Thursday, March 25, 2010

ECCC Wrap-Up!

THANK YOU Seattle for the amazing, wonderful, loving response we received from all of you at this years ECCC! It was special for us not only because of the heartfelt response, but also because it was the 1st of our 10 conventions this year in support of our new album, E FOR EVERYONE!

We had so fun meeting the fans new and old, and hearing the excitement grow as the early listeners to our disc gave us some feedback on what they liked and wanted to hear more of. All accounted for and taken into consideration for song ideas so thanks for the free material yo! ;D

Besides the good face time with local Krackleheads, we had the amazing opportunity to play with friend and MARVEL Comics E-I-C Joe Quesada on stage for the first time. He even had special MARVEL embodied guitar picks made up for the performance and for a kids who grew up playing guitar in-between issues of "What If?!", we're still trying to wrap our brains around the coolness of that...

An accomplished musician and performer in his own right, Joe joined us for "One Of The Guys", "Secret Identity", "On And On", and "Tony Stark" to the delight of the crowd and for what Joe deemed on stage "The First KK / MARVEL Team-Up".

Issue #1?! We'll take it!

Enjoy the video, photos, and catch us on our next stop in San Francisco at WONDERCON as the KK train keeps going!

Peace, Love, Rock, Comics!


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