Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kirby Krackle flew into the Long Beach airport last Friday morning fueled on a mix of cinnamon pretzels, hopes, and dreams. After checking into the hotel (which was surprisingly swanky), we made our way to set up the KK booth for the few hours the show was open that late afternoon. It's always nice catch up with the familiar faces in other artists, writers, and hardcore fan goers we've seen again and again all around North America. It's like a traveling circus where you realize you've seen these people in more cities that you've traveled to with your family or closest friends. Everyone has a mutual respect cause everyone is there for the same thing...they love comics...and selling stuff. Let's be honest here. :)

Late that night, Neslon, Bryce, and Scott (the KK live backing band) flew in and we all caught some food before catching the big day ahead and the concert we were planned to rock that next evening.

We sold albums, shirts, and chatted with awesome fans both new (including Conan O'Brein show regular Pierre Bernard) and old all day. The guys drank beers by the pool, took naps, and relaxed. Is there a problem with this picture? We're glad it was a vacation for them, and think it's safe to say we were all excited to be rocking that night in a foreign city.

The concert was great, we had a lot of fans there who knew the songs inside and out, and even had an opening band that dressed up in full sasquatch regalia. "The Abominable Frontman, "Bass-quatch", and "Sascrotch" were monikers the members went by...Harry never did play solos quite as good.

The vibe on the last day (Sunday) felt like the last day of Senior year...not absent, but knowing the end of an era (touring under the debut album) was here. This disc took us to cities we've never seen, met friends and made lasting relationships that we have taken home with us and with this show being no exception met cool people and had great times. There's something really great that happens when you have a bunch of people come together around positive art, music, and stories.

That's what it's all about, right?


Ubergeek said...

"Kirby Krackle flew into the Long Beach airport last Friday morning fueled on a mix of cinnamon pretzels, hopes, and dreams."

Did I miss the headline "Boeing announces revolutionary engineering feat: all planes to be fueled by cinnamon pretzels, hopes, and dreams..."?

Of course they would have to outsource for most of these fuel elements because most Americans have had their hopes and dreams crushed by the recent collapse of our economy. I wonder if they went to Canada? Those took heads are always so damn chipper and with the conversion rate you will get about 25% more hopes and dreams for your money.

Anonymous said...

You should get the word about Kirby Krackle out in other avenues as well.
This one's pretty popular